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Poonglim Oil Chemical Co., Ltd., originally founded in 1978,
has grown up for over 40 years to be a leading company in the textile chemical industry of South Korea.  

Unparalleled competitiveness

With continuous R&D and thorough quality control,

It has a wide range of product configurations and technical skills that are comparable to any other competitor in the world. Especially for fiber surfactants, any product can be produced directly by our own technology. I'm very proud of it. In the 21st century, we have been working on the development of high value-added products. As a result, the company succeeded in developing special function chemicals such as various flame retardants, antibacterial agents, and deodorants, and then produced them. And we're leading the technological advancement.

Amid rising technology barriers in developed countries, developing countries' textile industries are making tremendous strides.  The domestic textile industry is losing its competitive edge day by day due to a dilemma. But today, this poem. Up until now, all employees of Poonglim Oil Chemical Co joined forces to develop technologies that are one step ahead of other companies.  I maintain my firm belief in getting through this difficulty.

Without a break

Ary in the year of 2000

planning to advance even more aggressively into foreign markets. Self-confidence is Poonglim Oil Chemical’s biggest asset, without which it could not have survived through the cutthroat competition for decades. We could not be more grateful for your support. We learn, whenever we look back, that your support has played the great

est role on our every footstep. Satisfying every customer will always be our foremost goal. As a chemical manufacturer, we are well aware that it is an inevitable duty to meet social needs by developing eco-friendly products. Consumer demands will lead us to the same direction, and we promise that we will not neglect our duty. We always wish you happiness and prosperity. Thank you.

Poonglim Oil Chemical CEO Chunki Moon